Why am I doing this?

My early adult life was punctuated by a series of revelations of just how monstrously wrong the ideology of the left is.

The first time it happened, I was 17 years old. I was wearing a t-shirt with a beautiful pen-and-ink drawing of a rattlesnake on it, which my older brother had sent from his home near the Grand Canyon. Not a Gadsden Flag—just a normal snake in its natural habitat.

Riding the bus on my way to work (at a left-wing canvassing organization), I noticed two different people looking at the shirt and scowling. When I arrived, I related this strange experience to my co-workers. Their explanation boiled down to this:

Well of course—your shirt is phallocentric and misogynistic.

There had been hints before, but this was the first time I knew something was wrong. My shirt wasn’t an attack on women or a symbol of the patriarchy. It was just a snake.

That was just the first of a lifetime of revelations.

After I left the left, I traveled to some strange places during a short deconstructive phase. Then, while writing my book The Freedom Scale, I took a deep dive into the classical-liberal principles undergirding the ideology of the right. This undertaking wrought a profound change in me. Ultimately, through reasoning and research, I realized that all governments are a moral problem. I know “anarchism” is a scary word, but if you stick around, I believe I can convince you to consider some new ideas.

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Many of those ideas can be found by navigating to my #Freepill category, and to special features like #Step 1 and #Reasoning.

Of course, we do also talk sometimes about the horrors of the world around us, in the #Redpill category. Most of us are already fairly red-pilled, however, and we don’t want to dwell too much on doom and gloom. We need hope and joy in our lives.

Thus, we also focus on ways in which we can begin #MovingForward. We have some lighter fare on #ThreeThoughtThursday and #FreedomMusicFriday, and plenty of #Happypills along the way.

And we have amazing conversations in our comment threads. In some ways, The Freedom Scale community is almost like a family.

For more than two decades, I have worked at the confluence of politics, activism, film, and public policy: writing, managing websites, researching for documentaries, and more. My search for answers led to a massive book and a lot of ideas that I would like to share with you. I hope you will join us.

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The Freedom Scale.

This book began as an attempt to discredit, once and for all, the notion that fascism is “right wing,” and to build a proper political spectrum in its place…but it ended up flowering into so much more. The Freedom Scale is a sweeping exploration of the beliefs and principles that you and I share. Not only do I mount an impassioned defense of the rights of the human person…I offer proofs that our rights are natural and real. You can learn more and see praise for the book here:

Freedom Scale One Page
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The Distributed Nation: A Plan for the Next (R)evolution in Human Liberty.

Tired of the madness? Sick of your country being at war with you?

How about we start our own country?

It is actually less crazy than it sounds. People across the world are making plans to do exactly this, and there have even been a few early implementations. What was once “crazy” is about to become the wave of the 21st century.

Over the last year, I have been working on my own plan. I will begin releasing installments of The Distributed Nation to Supporting Members soon!

And there’s more in the works, so keep in touch and keep coming back for more.

Thank you for being here!
Christopher Cook

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